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Brownman - electric trumpet        |        DJ Cutler - turntables

Internationally acclaimed and heralded as Canada's preeminent jazz trumpet player, BROWNMAN -- the featured soloist for legendary jazz-hip-hop group GURU'S JAZZMATAZZ -- joins forces with Western New York's own local legend DJ CUTLER (of Fat Beat Records fame & DJ to Jeru the Damaja).  Both highly respected artists in their fields, they began sharing stages together as special guests with Western New York's award-winning hip-hop group TYPE RELEVANT, leading Brownman to ask Cutler to join the ranks of his celebrated jazz-hip-hop group GRUVASYLUM.  What began as a DJ+HORN breakdown act in the middle of that group's show, quickly blossomed into it's own musical entity as they realized in each other's presence these 2 artists became a seemingly endless font of creative beat-production and improvisation.  Their famed sets in Buffalo's BLUE MONK are known to go deep into the night as exploratory odysseys of hip-hop/jazz collisions.

OMEGA MEN could keep you on your feet all night long as easily as they could be the backdrop to exploring one's own psyche.  They create music to move to, music to think to, music that with rivet and engage you.

“OMEGA MEN -- the unique combination of Brownman and Cutler -- dangerous, daring, and best served in the dead of night”, states The Good Neighborhood founder Seamus Gallivan.

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